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Wireless Solutions

ZSConsulting is a leading mobile technology solution provider focused on mobile solutions. ZSConsulting has leveraged its vast industry experience to develop a suite of mobile solutions tailored for the needs of various business industries.

ZSConsulting recognizes the importance of developing wireless technology to offer convenience, portability and productivity for mobile computer users anywhere and everywhere. ZSConsulting believes that wireless technology has advanced to not only providing data connections between computing devices but networks as well. Having this belief ZSConsulting is leading the "wireless Technologies" as a promoter company of wireless including WiFi and Bluetooth.

ZSConsulting's mission is to develop and deploy leading edge mobile solutions for our customers. We shall nourish and nurture our key asset intellectual capital by recruiting, training and rewarding innovative and talented individuals who share our passion for excellence. We shall adhere to the highest levels of quality, without compromising on timelines and the customer's cost advantage. We shall invest in our clients to develop fruitful and long-term business relationships, leapfrogging our competition with our creative approach for achieving results. We shall hone our skills to establish operations in the local and international markets, which will maximize returns for our customers, employees, investors and the country.

How does Bluetooth compare to WiFi?
Bluetooth is a short-range radio interface that enables inter-connectivity between a broad range of electronic devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras and PCs. Its 1 Mbps data rate makes it suitable for the exchange of varieties of data including files, business cards, digital photos, voice, music, email and Web content from the Internet.

The 802.11b WiFi technology has been designed specifically to be the best solution for one particular application-wireless Ethernet. It is meant for implementation in PCs and in network access points. In PCs, it may be directly built in, or added on in the form of PC cards and USB dongles. Because it offers data rates of up to 11 Mbps, WiFi is a good technology to wirelessly link multiple users to broadband network equipment such as DSL or cable modems.

Are there conflicts when Bluetooth and WiFi are built into a single device?
The Bluetooth wireless technology and the 802.11b WiFi technology both operate in the 2.45 GHz ISM band, so each may create some interference. Because Bluetooth "hops" frequently from one channel to another and WiFi technology uses a subset of the ISM band channels, slight interference may occur.

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