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Mobile Development:
ZS Consulting offers mobile application development services for all organizations. We specializes in mobile and portable application development through platforms such as netbooks, PDAs, tablets and SmartPhones (ie – iPhone, BlackBerry, Google Android). We provide both browser-based and native applications. [readmore]

Business Intelligence:
Our services help capture, integrate and analyze business data to improve decision making and provide insight through your organization, department or business unit. For an organization to make wise decisions they need access to accurate information… [readmore]

Enterprise Architecture:
ZSC provides strategic value to our clients in the process of enhancing their enterprise architecture… [readmore]

Project Management:
ZS Consulting has a deep understanding of both Public and Private sector laws and policies, more specifically in the healthcare sector… [readmore]

Enterprise Application Integration:
EAI enables the open flow of information between systems & across organizations. We are exceptionally adept at dealing with the technology to seamlessly integrate packaged and legacy applications, using relatively little system resources… [readmore]

Web Designing:
We view web designing as an entirely different realm. Our designers understand a clients's expectations and his target web audience. The layout of the site is designed to extend the brand image on the web consistent with other mediums. the navigation is structured to make the flow of information smooth and turn casual browsing into cash generating transactions… [readmore]

Web Development:
ZSConsulting web site design services are tailored to fit your individual requirements. From a one page advertisement to a large interactive Internet presence, we can help… [readmore]

Social Networking:
ZS Consulting offers custom social networking application development as well as social media strategy to make sure our clients are communicating effectively with their customers, colleagues and partners. Effective communication can lead to more productive businesses and happy clients.… [readmore]

System Engineering & Integration:
Policies, procedures, rules and requirements are constantly changing within industries and organization.… [readmore]

Content Management Systems (CMS):
ZS Consulting offers custom Content Management Systems as well as integration with Drupal, Joomla and other CMS systems.… [readmore]

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