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ZSConsulting's healthcare provides a full range of integrated solutions
for administering from single, small hospitals with scalability to large, and
multi-unit hospital chains, with focus on delivering real-time information to
improve efficiency and enhancing consumer experience.

Our healthcare solution offers:
Focusing on all the major functional areas of modern multi-specialty hospitals
Enables better patient care, patient safety, efficiency, and reduced costs
Secure and easy access to critical information by enabling the management to
make effective decisions

Streamlining operations, enhanced administration and control, improved response,
cost control and profitability Customizable to the requirements of any hospital
Customizable to the requirements of any hospital

Provide user friendly interfaces and tools for hospital staff to manage various
functions of the hospital forgoing the tedious manual process or current
character-based type computerized solutions

Our healthcare solution modules include:

  • Application Administration
  • Patient Information System
  • Medical Reports
  • Operation Theatre
  • Maintenance
  • Human Resource
  • Pharmacy
  • Material Management
  • Accounting and Financials
  • Order Management
  • Online – Reports

Our healthcare solution features includes:

  • Integrated system
  • Multi-currency supportive system
  • Multi-location implementation
  • On-line Reports
  • Daily appointment schedules
  • Secure and Flexible
  • Inventory
  • User friendly interface
  • Powerful search
  • Single key stroke report generator
  • Inter-version change reports

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