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Radio Frequency Identification
ZSConsulting's RFID solutions allow you to envision a real-time, 360-degree view of information flow within your store, facility or parking lot. You know what products/personnel/documents/ vehicles you have and where they are located. This provides increased visibility of on-hand… [readmore]

Enterprise Resource Planning
ZSConsulting's ERP and CRM system provides complete integration across your enterprise to all your business management needs. You'll gain more efficient operations, shorter time-to-market, more accurate forecasts, and your… [readmore]

Electronic Document Management System
ZSConsulting's EDMS (Electronic Document Management System) solution is a powerful system which digitize physical documents (documents, books… [readmore]

ZSConsulting's healthcare provides a full range of integrated solution for administering from single, small hospitals with scalability to large, and multi-unit hospital chains… [readmore]

Wireless Solutions
ZSConsulting is a leading mobile technology solution provider focused on mobile solutions. ZSConsulting has leveraged its vast industry experience to develop a suite of mobile solutions tailored for the needs of various business industries… [readmore]

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