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ZSConsulting's RFID solutions allow you to envision a real-time, 360-degree view
of information flow within your store, facility or parking lot. You know what
products/personnel/documents/vehicles you have and where they are located. This
provides increased visibility of on-hand availability and more accurate
inventory, while helping improve shelf management and sales potential.

Beyond inventory visibility, you can even track where your employees are within
your facility and the tasks they are performing in real-time.

The ZSConsulting’s Software and Solutions can be adapted to individual user
requirements and can be implemented for variety of applications such as:

  • Library with self check-in and check-out
  • Document Tracking
  • GAS Cylinder Tracking and Inventory
  • Equipment/Personnel Tracking in Hospitals
  • Baggage/Personnel Tracking in Airports
  • Waste Management
  • Asset Tracing and Management
  • Automated Supermarket / Store

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